It Will Be A Matter Of Pride For Me To Be The Captain Of Indian Cricket Team - Jasprit Bumrah »

It will be a matter of pride for me to be the captain of Indian cricket team – Jasprit Bumrah

After the resignation of Virat Kohli from the Test cricket match, the eyes of all the cricket fans are on the new captain of the Test.

All cricket fans are telling Jasprit Bumrah to be the upcoming captain of the test match. When asked by the people, Jasprit Bumrah said that if I am made the captain of the Indian cricket team in future, then I will not back down from this step.

I will try to put the Indian team in a strong position as a captain. Jasprit Bumrah said that if I get a chance then it will be a matter of pride for me. I have always wanted to contribute to the best of my ability and accepting responsibility and helping other teammates is a natural quality. He said that I will treat all the players of my team well and will also give advice to all the junior players as captain.

Bumrah was made the vice-captain

KL Rahul has been made the captain and Bumrah as the vice-captain in the ODI category starting on Wednesday in South Africa.

To this Bumrah said that I will always try to contribute to the best of my ability. And that as a captain it is a natural quality to accept responsibility and help other teammates. My approach is to accept responsibility and talk to the players as well as help.

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